Friday, April 15, 2011

Future of the Internet

What will we be expecting in the future cyberworld? What will the future of the Internet be like?

According to Wikipedia, Future Internet is a summarizing term for worldwide research activities dedicated to the further development of the original Internet. The current Internet has increased public awareness of several critical shortcomings in terms of performance, reliability, etc.
The approaches towards a Future Internet range from small, incremental evolutionary steps to complete redesigns and architecture principles, where the applied technologies shall not be limited by existing standards and paradigms such as client server networking.
However, it is too early to identify any technical consensus or even standardization. The term 'Future Internet' should be used with caution and do not link it too quickly with any specific technology. Research areas that could be seen as part of Future Internet are Network Management, Network virtualization and some elements of cloud computing.

This video was produced by Janna Quitney Anderson, director of the Imagining the Internet Center at Elon University, for the 2011 Danish Top Executive Summit.

A great summary of current expectations for Internet and communications future, based on 2011 estimates and a preview of our SXSWi Core Conversation from, where there are hundreds more videos than we have on YouTube. Human connections we are building and the information we are databasing on the internet are creating a shared global intellect that is growing and evolving every day. The future of the internet is personal, portable, pervasive and precarious. We are entering the earliest phase of a new era. This video outlines some of the new challenges and opportunities as this new paradigm continues to evolve and changes everything.